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May God be a blessing to you and you be a blessing in God's Kingdom!
Rockwell Falls Presbyterian
Church is a worshipping community that intends to continue making a difference in our neighbour-hoods and our world. Our goal is to serve God, our neighbours and each other by the worship and praise of God, by creatively helping to meet the needs we see and by being a welcoming place for all. Come and visit us; meet your family here, and make a difference too!
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A Place to Make a
7 Bridge Street
Lake Luzerne, NY
"The Stone Church
near the Falls"
Sunday Worship
@ 9:30 & 11:15 a.m.
The New Year has come...and gone...has it? The year is certainly new, but does it ever go and get old? For the believer in Jesus, I don't think it ever does. All things are new in Christ. We are new creations, and God is still and always will still be at work in us, forming in us the character of his Son, Jesus, our Savior.

But the years do seem old sometimes. Why if all things are new in Jesus? I think it's because we've forgotten to come to Jesus as inquisitive children - ready and "chompin' at the bit" to learn more about God, to get closer to God, to know God more. When we forget that, things get old quickly.

So don't forget. Don't forget to gather with God's People in worship; don't forget to read and study your Bible - by yourself and with others, and don't forget to pray. See God making all things new!
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You are always invited to visit us. Haven't come before? No problem! Just come, and you'll be welcomed!
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Dinner and a Movie!
or rather
A Movie and Dinner!
This Saturday, the 24th, we're showing the movie, "God is NOT Dead" at 4 p.m. and having a Soup, Bread and Dessert dinner following.  The movie is excellent, and we don't even need to say (though we will) that the dinner will be superb!  Come out and join us!